Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


I affirm and declare as under

(1) That this dwelling unit option scheme shall be applicable up on all necessary approval sanction by Real Estate Regulatory Authority established under sub section (1 of section 20 of the real estate regulation of development act 2016 )

(2) That I have read the information booklet and shall abide by the contents specified there at.

(3) That my business or occupation (d any) is not in conflict or in competition with the business of the DIL.

(4) That I will not make any default in payment of any amount to be paid to the DIL.

(5) That I/we am/are major, an individual and competent to contract under section 11 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 (9 of 1872).

(6) That I have not been adjudged by a competent court to be an Insolvent or an un-discharged Insolvent

(7) That I am fully aware about the Land Pooling Policy of the Deihl Development Authority and provision contained in Delhi Master Plan 2021.

(8) That developed/actual plot will be allotted by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) as per Land pooling Policy.

(9) That I am in agreement with the floor plan.

(10) That the allotment of units will be purely on draw basis.

(11) That I am a citizen of India.

(12) That I understand that any change in plan brought about by change in regulation / compliance as set by the government Authorities shall be binding on me.

(13) That any change brought about by the management of the DIL in the common interest of the project and its buyers shall be binding on me.

(14) That any Govt. charges levied by any competent authority shall be binding on me.

(15) I/We  agree to pay the Stamp Duty, Registration Charges, Services Taxes & construction cost / EDC/ IDC and all other charges/taxes/dues as demanded by the company from time to time in future.

(16) That the demarcation, zone & building plan for the said scheme/project are yet to be sanction by the competent authority and the other terms & conditions as stated in this application / brochure and any representation by DIL are entirely tentative and liable to change, alter, modify, revise add, delete, substitute or recast at the sole discretion of the company as It may deem fit in the best Interest of the project/ scheme and to achieve the aims and object of the society. I/We shall have no objection to same.

(17) I/We have clearly understood that the DIL reserves the right to Increase or decrease the number of units at Its discretion as and when considered necessary in the best Interest of the projects/ scheme as per the provision of proposed/final land pooling policy of DDA or due to any other unforeseen reason/circumstances. I/We shall have no objection to same.

(18) My particulars as mentioned in this form and may be recorded for reference, record and communication and any changes shall be communicated by me well on time regarding communication details.

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